Women’s Leadership Practice

Continual learning and enhanced self-awareness are keys to developing leadership competency.  Our Women’s Leadership Practice is specifically designed for women who seek to elevate their impact as leaders and as human beings.

Below are a few of the professional and personal development program topics we offer, customizable to your organization. 


~ Manage Conflict for Better Results

~ Communicate for Greater Impact – Be Understood, Influence Others

~ Lead with Impact

~ Confident Decision Making

~ Navigating the Organizational Politics to Get Results

~ Leading Change

~ Identifying and Developing a Leadership Style That Works

~ Priority and Commitment Management

~ Self-Care for Successful Leadership

~ Defining Your Leadership Presence – Be Seen as a Leader

~ Discovering and Leveraging Your Competitive Advantages

~ Other leadership topics: strategic thinking, emotional intelligence, facilitation skills (for meetings, teams), communicating face to face, interviewing skills, collaborative leadership, dealing with difficult people, presentation skills, priority management, establishing vision, mission, values, goals for your organization

~ Leadership Assessments (partial listing): FIRO-B, MBTI, EQi, EQ360, OPM360, DiSC, Lominger 360, Hogan Assessment


~ Make the Changes You Want to Make

~ Personal Power

~ Voice

~ Vibrancy Realized

~ Managing Transitions

~ Joy Within Reach™