Transformational Leadership

All leaders have the capability to be great leaders. The only obstacles are their own limiting beliefs.

The foundation of our Transformational Leadership Development programs is the practice of transformative learning, a well-researched aspect of adult learning. Though valuable in certain circumstances, informative learning seeks to expand a skillset and knowledge base by adding to what we already know (to our existing frame of reference). Conversely, transformative learning provides the opportunity for leaders to self-reflect, identify and let go of existing beliefs, biases, assumptions and perspectives that have been distorting and suppressing his or her effectiveness as a leader. The impact of this process is profound not only on the leaders themselves, but also on their teams and on their organizations.

Transformational Leadership Development (TLD) helps leaders escape the tyranny and limitation of their own thinking and catapult themselves and their organizations toward their infinite potential. Through TLD, successful leaders explore the nature and limitations of their existing mental models and paradigms, including their beliefs about themselves, those around them, their organizations, and the context in which they operate. Leaders who choose to undertake a transformational process recognize that what got them here will not get them there. They are willing to examine and potentially lay aside existing assumptions and biases in pursuit of new possibilities. TLD gives leaders access to new ways of thinking, feeling, and most importantly acting.