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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to optimize the enduring performance, productivity, and well-being of leaders, teams, and organizations across government.

Our Promise

  • Leaders who work with us…
    • Have impact
    • Produce results
    • Inspire others
    • Achieve challenging goals and accomplish important missions
    • Communicate clearly, efficiently, and effectively
    • Build trusting relationships
    • Develop their people
    • Gain insight into themselves and others
  • Teams who work with us…
    • Produce results
    • Communicate clearly
    • Create unifying purpose
    • Achieve shared goals
    • Resolve conflict quickly and constructively
    • Build strong relationships
    • Leverage diverse talents
  • Organizations which work with us…
    • Establish clear mission and purpose
    • Align around shared goals and values
    • Create cultures that support their purpose
    • Get results
    • Grow and develop their people

Our Approach

Our approach is client-centered and assessment-based. We listen deeply to the needs and desires of lients; consider current situations and circumstances; and customize solutions to achieve their important missions. We generally start with a thorough assessment process to comprehend fully the depth and breadth of the client’s challenges, opportunities, and context. We uncover the underlying assumptions and beliefs that enhance or impede performance. With this acquired deep awareness and understanding we make targeted and practical recommendations for how to optimize performance.

Our Team

LLG leverages the collective expertise of several dozen highly qualified, credentialed, and seasoned training and coaching professionals.  The firm’s professional staff hold a distinguished mixture of advanced degrees in psychology, business, public administration, leadership, and other related fields.  LLG associates possess decades of practical experience working in leadership development, training, human resources, and organizational leadership across a broad array of private sector industries and government agencies.  They hail from diverse backgrounds and include veterans, ethnic minorities, and a broad range of ages.

Our Owners

Reina Bach, MA, CLC, BCC

Managing Partner

Reina is co-founder and Managing Partner of Liberty Leadership Group. Reina has worked with a variety of corporations, executive teams and government organizations in the United States, the UK and Asia. She specializes in leadership development, organizational change, program management and executive coaching with over 25 years of experience. Reina applies a variety of best practices from the behavioral sciences and leverages her expertise to enhance individual and organizational productivity.

Reina earned an MA in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at the University of Colorado, a BA in Engineering and a minor in Computer Science from Lafayette College. She is a graduate of the Georgetown Coaching Program and is a Board Certified Coach (BCC) through the Center for Credentialing and Education.  She is certified to administer a number of 360- and self-assessment instruments. Additionally, she uses her Certified Image Consultant training to help her clients develop and enhance their executive presence.

Michael O. Black, Ph.D., MBA, PCC, BCC

Senior Partner

Michael is co-founder and Senior Partner of Liberty Leadership Group.  In his 20+ years of consulting, training, and coaching he has served well over 10,000 clients across most major industries and federal government departments, including every cabinet level agency.  As a licensed psychologist with an MBA, Dr. Black applies both business savvy and compassion in deftly guiding leaders toward achieving powerful results with and through people. Michael’s clients achieve unprecedented results by transforming mental paradigms and embracing new behaviors.  As a trusted advisor who understands both business operations and human dynamics, he helps leaders identify and distill organizational issues into actionable steps.  His impact is born of a powerful combination of interpersonal warmth, incisive analytical focus and his keen ability to select action that will drive results.

Michael holds Doctorate and Masters degrees in Counseling Psychology from the University of Utah, an MBA from the Daniels School of Business at the University of Denver, and a Bachelors degree in Psychology from St. Bonaventure University.  He is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and a Board Certified Coach (BCC) through the Center for Credentialing and Education.  He is qualified and certified to use dozens of various assessment instruments.

Our Advisory Team

Jo Singel 

Jo is a visionary.  She is Founder of an early-stage education media start-up providing education products and customized services built on over 30 years of research in adult learning methodologies including neuroscience and original competency models.  Her programs have been delivered to thousands of participants at hundreds of organizations, including numerous academic, non-for-profit and philanthropic institutions.

She has served on numerous boards and is a keynote speaker and speaker/presenter at industry conferences.  She is a published author, seasoned coach, mentor and judge in business plan competitions and venture capital pitch-offs.  She works with for-profit and non-profits/NGOs organizations serving as consultant and advisor.  She is a strong supporter of STEM education, women and leadership, education initiatives that support learning leadership in grade school, as well as measuring the social impact for initiatives serving the United Nation’s sustainability goals.  Jo is also a Strategic Advisory to The World Bank.

Jo received the Mentor of the Year Award form NYU Stern Berkley Entrepreneurship Center.

Kerry Scott McDonnell

Kerry is a seasoned human resources and talent development consultant with over 40 years of experience both domestically and internationally with Fortune 500 companies, major banks, and the Federal government.  His areas of consultation include human capital, competency models, succession planning, training and development.

His work with the Federal government includes human capital support to The White House, 80 small Federal agencies, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Commerce, Health and Human Services, and the Department of Transportation.

Kerry has extensive industry experience as well.  As VP of with JP Morgan Chase for 17 years, he led efforts to provide human resources and training/development support to Chase Retail NY, Chase Global Investment Bank, Chase National upscale lending network, and Chase International.  His work with AIG International Consumer Banking Division and AT&T-British Telecommunications Joint Venture incorporated extensive international experience in the realm of human capital in China, Taiwan, Manila, Thailand, Poland, Argentina, Russia, and Western Europe.

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